Made My Way to Barangay Mauway

As an advocate, some of the goals are to help spread the word, educate others and inspire them to take action. This may seem like a daunting task, but technology has provided us  plenty of tools to make this possible. Within the reach of your fingertips are endless possibilities. Through social media sites and blogging platforms, you can become a voice, an instrument, in raising awareness and creating change.

Read about Klariz’s experiences as she writes about hope and compassion for the Filipino people.



klariz blogs her life

Living in the Philippines, passing along self-built houses made from wood with commercialized tarpaulins plastered across their walls and roofs, tangled electric wires dangerously dangling around them, and wet clothes hanging by their windows on an everyday basis is already considered a normal view.

Admittedly, I never gave them much thought until I got the chance to walk through their streets myself and meet the wonderful residents face to face.

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